Advanced SEO plan

Improving your SEO ranking website
What do you need for improving your site Ranking?

1.Internal Keywords Optimization in your website: Your Main Keywords + City Name should be properly Optimized on your site.

You targeted five main keywords!! and five principal city names
Related Keywords optimization in main website (Title tag, H1, H2, H3, H4 tags, keywords meta, details, site name, photo name SEO)

Cost: $300 (one time fee) 

2. Natural Link: The link from the other sites is an effective natural link building strategy for increases a website’s search rankings.
Cost:  $20/month ( you will need to subscribe for one year): $240 (one time fee for one year)

3. Craigslist: we can teach you how to put Craigslist AD in every week (max four times/month)  (total 8 Craigslist Ads posting per month): this process will be done by yourself.
$75/ one-time setup fee

4. Link Blast service: Link Blast is an effective natural link building strategy for increases a website’s search rankings. When you order a Link Blast, our team of writers and designers create fresh, original, industry specific content on the web. We link this content to your website with optimized and natural anchor text links. This contextual link-building strategy ensures that only the most relevant links are pointing directly to your site.

( one time Link building for all Keywords): $59.59 (one-time fee)
$20 /setup fee (required)l

Advanced SEO plan in Richmond El Sobrante CA
SEO for Keywords on your website.

5. Local SEO Campaign: Local SEO packages are for any businesses that are looking to reach more customers near them. By adding local citation sources, you significantly increase your chances of ranking in Google’s top 3, and showing up on the map. If your business has a physical address, you’re ready to go!

I will setup for you (choose one!)
$20 /setup fee (required)

Starter Local SEO: $165 (one-time fee)
Mini Local SEO: $215 (one-time fee)
Medium Local SEO: $375 (one-time fee)
Large Local SEO: $600 (one-time fee)

Please call me, Daniel Chun, 510-684-7207, or email me:

service 1,2,3 ( will be done by Daniel Chun) : non-refundable
service 4,5 ( will be done by our partner company, Attracta): non-refundable

We will try to improve your website ranking & visibility, according to Google guidelines, but as you know, google algorithm is Top Secret, that nobody knows exactly except the Google. Hopefully, we will continue to try our best to the best result in your business website(there is no guarantee of this SEO work result). Luckily, most of our customer satisfied our job. Our best team and an experienced designer will achieve your goal. Thanks!

Advanced SEO plan in Richmond El Sobrante CA
     Our team and partners are ready for your work.

Our Suggested 1 Year Advanced SEO Plan for your website.

1.  Advanced SEO Service: #1 & 2 ( Internal website SEO(1 time service) + Natural Link building (1 year service) + #3 Cragilist (guide, how to put an Ad, by customer) 
cost:  $780/year 

2. Premium SEO service: #1 & 2  &3 ( Internal website SEO + Natural Link building) + Link Blast service + Local SEO Campaign

Premium SEO service with Starter Local SEO: $1005 /year (one-time fee)
Premium SEO service with Mini Local SEO: $1055 /year (one-time fee)
Premium SEO service with Medium Local SEO: $1215 /year (one-time fee)
Premium SEO service with Large Local SEO: $1400 /year (one-time fee)


Contact: Daniel Chun, 510-684-7207,, 4921 wagon wheel way El Sobrante CA 94803 USA, 

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