Basic SEO

Basic SEO

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baynetsolution provide high-quality links ( anchor text keywords with a link to your website)
Each blog post will include 2-3 anchor text keywords with link to your website

Google always consider first in search ranking, for "authority sites" which have many links from other websites with high-quality contents and keywords.

#1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) basic subscription 
monthly plan ($100/month, $200/month, $300/month) 
note: PayPal transaction Business Name: samitoelectronics
Our plan

5 blogs post per month :$100  (in service)
10 blogs post per month :$200 (in service)
15 blogs post per month :$300 (in service)

Our blog is all human/manual posting by a real person as well as all blog articles are organically written by SEO specialist.

If you do not want to post a new blog post, you can simply keep your existing blog. it will be $ Half of amount of your total /month (this is just keeping the existing post that you already posted during your subscription )
example: customer who subscribed $100/ month --- > will be $50/ month

also, we strongly recommend this SEO plan, if you didn’t get this today, you will continue to lose your time..and become behind since your competitor doing this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Richmond El Sobrante CA
Our SEO work with knowledge, experience, time and skills

disclaimer: As you know the Google search engine algorithm is "Top Secret", no one knows how it works, so the all our SEO work is no grantee it. however, most of our customer satisfy our work.
If you have any question regarding SEO work, please let me know thanks.

Contact: Daniel Chun, 510-684-7207,, 4921 wagon wheel way El Sobrante CA 94803 USA, 

Business License#: 4003-2124 (samitoelectronics)

. Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions set up on your website

A "Privacy Policy" agreement is required by law if you're collecting personal data from users, regardless of the platform used (website, mobile app, desktop app etc.): If you are selling something via your web store, you are collecting private information so you will need a Privacy Policy section. we can help you to complete this page.

Personal data is any kind of data that can identify an individual: email address, first and last name, billing and shipping address, credit card information, and so on.
Privacy Policy for e-commerce stores Including a Privacy Policy agreement for your e-commerce store is not only required by law, but it also builds trust with your customers and ensures that you stay in line with your legal obligations. If you already have this agreement for your store, make sure to follow these tips: Disclose what kind of personal information you're collecting from your customers Disclose how the collected information may be shared or disclosed with third parties your store might be using (Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google AdSense etc.) Inform how customers can review and change the information collected on them Make sure to include the policy's effective date

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions set up on your website