Saturday, October 1, 2016

Why web design & SEO is important for the small business owner?

why web design is important for the small business owner?

Hi my name is daniel, I'm web designer and SEO specialist. In these days, advertising in google search engine is most important than any other forms of marketing, especially we are living in the smart phone age. Everybody can easily find any kinds of information from google or other searching tools.

For the small business owner, their website is like a upgraded business card. Their website represent their services, products, and useful information to their customers.

In my home town in El Sobrante, California, most of small business owners do not have time to take care of their business marketing plan. Most of them are immigrants who try to work hard doing their everyday's tasks but there is not much rooms or time to look around themselves in fast changing digital age to fit their business.

But luckily,  getting a 4-5 pages of simple Webpage can help their services and marketing of their products with no efforts. It is simple and quick to understand when we visit their website what they are doing and how much will cost of their services and products.

Particularly, having a well designed website could give a lot of benefit for the small business owners.

photos: courtesy of Frozen Yogurt  Ice Cream shop website

The contents and photos rich website can significantly reduce the phone call questions such as: "when do you open/close your store?" or "how much will cost of this item?".This will eventually help and save their time of the employee and business owners.

Also, the website visitor will be impressed by the well designed website along with the top search results in search engine. I would say, the photo is for the people and Alt tag of photo is for the search engine machines.

Finally, I recommend the best web design and SEO plan for you.

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